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Private Business

Private Business in the House of Commons

Here you can browse the House of Commons Private Business Order Paper for Tuesday 3 April 2001.

Monday 2 April 2001


After Prayers

Private Business

Note: Private business is not debated at this time, and may not be proceeded with if opposed.

Consideration of Lords Reason for Disagreeing to one of the Commons Amendments

Medway Council Bill [Lords].

Mr Paul Clark

On Consideration of the Lords Reason for disagreeing to one of the Commons Amendments to the Medway Council Bill [Lords], to move, That the Commons do not insist on their Amendment to which the Lords have disagreed.

[The Lords disagree to the Amendment made by the Commons in page 4, line 23 (leave out from 'business' to 'enter' in line 24), for the following Reason: Because it is desirable that, so far as possible, the provisions of the Medway Council Bill remain in keeping with the corresponding provisions of the Kent County Council Bill.]

[Copies of the Bill and Amendment may be inspected in the Private Bill Office.]


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