Register of Members' Interests Contents


BAILEY, Adrian (West Bromwich West)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Councillor on Sandwell Metropolitan District Council.
BAKER, Norman (Lewes)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Member of Opinion Leader Research polling organisation. (£1-£1,000)
Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel. (£1-£1,000)
Occasional assistance given to other polling organisations.
All monies from the above opinion research panels is given to organisations within the constituency.
Occasional fees for writing and broadcasting.
Fee from the Mail on Sunday for article published on 28 January 2001. (Registered 23 April 2001)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
January-February 2001, a research assistant was provided for my House of Commons office by Forum for the Future, an organisation that organises placements for students studying sustainable development.
6.Overseas visits
12-14 January 2001, to Berne, Switzerland, to address an international conference on the situation in Tibet. My travel and accommodation was paid for by the Tibetan Government-in-exile. (Registered 14 February 2001)
23-25 January 2001, to Berlin, with MPs of other political parties and leading British businesspeople. My travel and accommodation was paid for by the German Federal Government. (Registered 14 February 2001)
BALDRY, Tony (Banbury)
1.Remunerated directorships
Ximed PLC (non-executive); pharmaceutical research and development.
Chairman (non-executive) of Camco Corporation PLC; owners of a woollen yarn factory in Kyrgyzstan and engaged in promoting trade generally to and from Kyrgyzstan.
Pragokoncert a.s.; public company in the Czech Republic which promotes classical music concerts.
Transense Technologies PLC (non-executive); development of tyre monitoring technology.
Chairman (non-executive) of HAK Investments Ltd.; the UK investment company of Hassan A. Karim Al Ghathani Sons. Co. (HAK Group) of Saudi Arabia.
3DMI International Inc. (non-executive) ;a United States public but not quoted company based in Detroit, manufacturing and developing plastic technology and components for the automotive industry.
OASIS Ltd. (Oriental and African Strategic Investment Services Limited); a Financial Services Authority regulated Corporate Finance House, focusing particularly on Asia.
Graddo as. (non-executive); a public company in the Czech Republic, primarily involved in the manufacture of automotive components.
Chairman of Chrometex PLC; specialising in chrome manufacturing and development in Kazakhstan.
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Practising barrister.
Parliamentary adviser to the British Constructional Steelwork Association Limited.(£5,001-£10,000)
Parliamentary adviser to the Construction Industry Council. (£1,001-£5,000)
Occasional fees for writing and lectures.
Zaiwalla & Co., Solicitors, from time to time as a barrister. (£35,001-£40,000)
Clients for the purpose of booking House of Commons dining rooms for meetings of the Asian Business Breakfast Club.
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
I employ a research assistant who receives some funding direct from the Lighting Industry Federation, solely in connection with work that she does in support of the Associate All-Party Lighting Group.
I employ a secretary who receives some financial support direct from the Turkish Business Council solely in relation to secretarial and administrative work that she carries out in connection with the All-Party Parliamentary Turkish Group.
8.Land and Property
Occasional income from letting flat in London to overseas visitors.
9.Registrable shareholdings
(b)Camco Corporation PLC
Transense Technologies PLC
3DMI International Inc.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Director of Conservative Mainstream Properties Ltd. (unremunerated).
Trustee (unremunerated) of Dr. L.V. Singhvi Foundation; providing visiting fellowships to Members of Parliament and members of the judiciary both in India and the UK.
A Member of the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England.
Trustee of the British Indian Golden Jubilee Banquet Fund.
Governor of the Commonwealth Institute.
Adviser (unremunerated) of the Shrimati Pushpa Wati Memorial Trust, seeking to educate children of poor widows in India.
BALLARD, Jackie (Taunton)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Remuneration for journalism and media appearances.
Member of Political Opinion Panel of BPRI (Business Planning and Research International). (£1-£1,000). The fees are paid direct to the Harry Burden Trust Fund, a charity.
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
I received a donation of £4000 from Jane McTaggart towards my campaign for leader of the Liberal Democrats in 1999.
BANKS, Tony (West Ham)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
From time to time I buy and sell paintings, busts and items of political iconography.
6.Overseas visits
In my capacity as the Prime Minister's Envoy to the World Cup 2006 campaign, I made frequent visits abroad. Costs were mainly borne by the English Football Association (FA).
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Charles James Fox (Fine Arts) Ltd.
BARNES, Harry (North East Derbyshire)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Occasional fees for journalism. Fees passed on to charities.
BARRON, Kevin (Rother Valley)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Lay member of General Medical Council, for which a daily attendance allowance is paid.
BATTLE, John (Leeds West)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
31 December 1999, I received four tickets for the Millennium Dome opening ceremony provided by the New Millennium Experience Company. (Registered 18 February 2000)
BAYLEY, Hugh (City of York)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Occasional fees for writing and lecturing.
BEARD, Nigel (Bexleyheath and Crayford)
BECKETT, Rt. Hon. Margaret (Derby South)
8.Land and Property
Residential rented property; flat in Westminster, London SW1.
BEGG, Anne (Aberdeen South)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Occasional journalism and media appearances.
BEGGS, Roy (East Antrim)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Councillor, Larne Borough Council.
Member of the North Eastern Education and Library Board.
6.Overseas visits
23-24 March 2000, to Bruges, as a member of the West Coast Main Line All-Party delegation, to receive briefing on high speed tilting diesel trains for cross country services, as guests of Bombardier Ltd and Virgin Trains. (Registered 7 April 2000)
16-17 October 2000, to Denmark with the Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG) to witness the Danish Wind Farm sector and meet with senior members of the Danish Government Energy Agency and the Danish Wind Industry. Flight and accommodation was paid for by National Wind Power UK. (Registered 6 December 2000)
8-11 March 2001, to Norfolk, Virginia, USA, to attend commissioning ceremony for USS Winston S Churchill. Transport to and from London provided by Department of the Navy, USA. Accommodation etc., travel London to Belfast provided by Larne Borough Council. (Registered 9 April 2001)
8.Land and Property
Farm, approximately 60 acres, Co. Antrim, interests in beef cattle.
Interest in a landfill site at Ballyrickard Road, Larne, Co. Antrim.
Interest in land and property at Inver Road, Larne, Co. Antrim.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Director (unremunerated), Larne Economic Development Company.
BEITH, Rt. Hon. Alan (Berwick­upon­Tweed)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Consultant to Bourne Leisure Group Ltd.; a holiday park operator in Britain and overseas, on general and parliamentary matters. (£5,001-£10,000)
Occasional broadcasting, lecturing and writing.
A regular column for the Clubs Journal of the Club and Institute Union. (£1-£1,000)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
The services of a research assistant for four days a week are provided to me by CARE (Christian Action Research Education).
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
April 2000, guest of P&O for dinner, overnight and lunch on "Aurora" for the ship's naming ceremony. (Registered 12 May 2000)
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
I am a Trustee (unremunerated) of the Historic Chapels Trust.
BELL, Martin (Tatton)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Eleven monthly articles for the Manchester Evening News. (£1,001-£5,000)
Occasional speaking and writing engagements.
Fee of £1000 from the Sunday Mirror for an article on the BBC in their edition of 7 August 1999.
Contract from Penguin Books for the book "An Accidental MP" which is to be published in autumn 2000.
Fee of £750 from the BBC for narrating a Radio 4 programme on the Biafra War on 15 January 2000.
20 January 2000, £750 from The Precise Communications Group for narrating three television programmes "Eye on the World" for the Discovery Channel. Proceeds after tax to constituency causes.
23 February 2000, £750 for a speech at the Alan Boswell Investment Seminar in Norwich. Proceeds after tax to Little Bollington Primary School in my constituency.
July 2000, payment received from J.P. Morgan through Masius, a design company, for my help in a J.P. Morgan internal communications document. For this consideration, a cheque for £1000 was paid through my office directly to Lower Peover Primary School in the Tatton constituency.
Fee of £2000 from Oldham Chamber of Commerce for speaking at their Annual Dinner on Friday 20 October. £1000 of this fee has been given to Lower Peover Primary School and the other £1000 to Oakenclough Primary School, both in the Tatton constituency.
15 February 2001, £2,500 fee for speaking at the Business Barometer Dinner in Stretton, Cheshire. The fee was split between Lacey Green Primary School, Wilmslow and Brooke Dean Community School in Handforth..
Fee of £1000 received from The Times for a diary column in February 2001. (Registered 8 March 2001)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
13 February 2001, free overnight stay provided by the Landmark Hotel, London W1, on connection with a speaking engagement on behalf of a charity. (Registered 14 February 2001)
6.Overseas visits
23 July 2000, return flight from London to Brussels as a member of the All-Party Group for the Eradication of Land Mines, paid for in part by the UK Working Group on Land Mines, for discussions with NATO officials about the use of cluster bombs in Kosovo. (Registered 26 July 2000)
BELL, Stuart (Middlesbrough)
1.Remunerated directorships
SpenView Communications Ltd.; a consultancy.
SpenView Publications Ltd.; publishing company.
(Both companies are subsidiaries of SpenView Ltd; see below.)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Fees for various speaking engagements.
Adviser to Ernst and Young. Remuneration for parliamentary services as part of wider agreement. (£10,001-£15,000)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)SpenView Ltd.; holding company.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Director (unremunerated) SpenView Ltd.
BENN, Hilary (Leeds Central)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Councillor, London Borough of Ealing (resigned September 1999).
Occasional fees from writing, lecturing and broadcasting.
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
Occasional attendance at football matches at Elland Road as a guest of Leeds United Football Club.
9 September 2000, my wife and I attended the St. Leger at Doncaster as guests of Ladbrokes. (Registered 11 September 2000)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(b)United News and Media.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Director (unremunerated): UNIONS 21.
BENN, Rt. Hon. Tony (Chesterfield)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Writer, lecturer and broadcaster, on a freelance basis for newspapers, journals, radio and television.
First advance from Hutchinsons for publication of the latest volume of my diaries. Subsequent tranches will come on completion of the manuscript after the next election and on publication thereafter.
9.Registrable shareholdings
(b)United Media.
Garban PLC.; financial services.
BENNETT, Andrew F. (Denton and Reddish)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Since 2 May 1997 Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council has provided me with an office at Denton Town Hall to carry out my parliamentary duties.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
President of Ramblers (unremunerated).
Trustee of Tameside Care Group (unremunerated).
BENTON, Joseph (Bootle)
6.Overseas visits
29 September-8 October 2000, to India, sponsored by Labour Friends of India,which is funded by many individual donors in the UK. Particular sponsorship for flights to India came from the Chamber of Indian Industry and the Indian Government provided internal hospitality. (Registered 24 November 2000)
BERCOW, John (Buckingham)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Occasional broadcasting.
Communications training to staff of Chase Manhattan Bank and Mondex UK.
Communications training provided to other individuals on an occasional basis.
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
2 April 2001, I attended with a guest the Conservative Early Summer Ball at Vinopolis, as the guests of Gary and Robyn Mond. Mr Mond runs a financial training business. (Registered 10 April 2001)
6.Overseas visits
19-24 March 2000, to Canada with All-Party Canada Group, expenses partly paid for by the Canadian Government. (Registered 5 April 2000)
20-27 April 2000, to Egypt at the invitation and expense of the Egyptian Government. (Registered 11 May 2000)
2-7 January 2001, to Israel, visiting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for discussions with politicians and others, under the auspices of Conservative Friends of Israel and the Government of Israel. (Registered 23 January 2001)
BERESFORD, Sir Paul (Mole Valley)
1.Remunerated directorships
Dental Protection Ltd.; dentists' professional indemnity.
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Dental surgeon.
Occasional fees for speeches, articles etc.
8.Land and Property
Residential/dental surgery, London SW15.
BERMINGHAM, Gerald (St Helens South)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Occasional articles, radio/tv programmes.
Fees for various surveys, polls, etc. All such fees are paid to a nominated charity of my choice.
Occasional fees for lectures for the Police College.
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
I have the loan of a satellite dish, etc. by Sky Television.
3 March 2000, two tickets to attend the Brit Awards from the British Phonographic Industry Limited. (Registered 4 March 2000)
BERRY, Roger (Kingswood)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel. (£1-£1,000)
Member of Political Opinion Panel of BPRI (Business Planning and Research International). (£1-£1,000)
Occasional journalism, broadcasting and lecturing.
BEST, Harold (North West Leeds)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
Between 28 March 1999 and 29 April 2000 I received complimentary tickets from the Rugby Football League for four matches in which Leeds Rugby Club were playing. (Registered 11 January 2001)
BETTS, Clive (Sheffield, Attercliffe)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Office provided by Sheffield City Council at an annual charge of £1000 towards rent and rates, together with a one-off £1000 charge towards adaptation costs. Staff, furniture, telephone and cleaning costs are paid by myself; heating and lighting is provided by the Council.

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