Select Committee on Adoption and Children Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 258 - 259)




  258. Can I ask you to introduce yourselves?

  (Ms McAndrew) I am Gerri McAndrew, Executive Director of the National Foster Care Association. I previously worked in local authorities so I have experience of direct practice in management in local authorities as well. The National Foster Care Association has existed for 27 years. We are a very large membership organisation, we have 18,000 individual carers in memberships to us, plus all authorities in the United Kingdom and many other voluntary organisations and international members. Our main aim is to ensure that the highest standards of care for children and young people who are fostered are achieved. We mainly do that through working with all those involved in the delivery of the care system, from the child through to politicians, basically.
  (Ms Verity) I am Pat Verity, I am the Deputy Director of the National Foster Care Association. I have also been a foster carer and an adopter.

  259. I think you said you had 18,000 in membership, can you give a rough idea of what proportion of current foster carers will move to adopt the children they are fostering?
  (Ms McAndrew) Will move to adoption? I cannot give you a figure.

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Prepared 8 June 2001