Select Committee on Select Committee on the Adoption and Children Bill Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Appendix No

1. ATD Fourth World

2. Family Rights Group

3. Natural Parents Network

4. Robin Harritt

5. Manchester Adoption Society

6. National Association of Guardians at Litem and Reporting Officers (NAGALRO)

7. Parents And Children Together (Pact)

8. J. Thomas

9. Barnardo's

10. Mrs Maxine Ruddock

11. Una Cottingham

12. Christian Wolmar

13. Karen Lynn, President, Canadian Council of Birthmothers

14. Dr Jane Seale

15. Helen Glaze

16. British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

17. After Adoption

18. Audrey Mullender, Professor in Social Work, University of Warwick

19. Cathy Henderson

20. Solicitors Family Law Association

21. Beverley Prevatt Goldstein, Black Ethnic Minority Community Organisations Network (BECON)

22. Ad. O. P. T.

23. Eilis Manning

24. Parents for Children

25. Professor Judith Masson, School of Law, Warwick University

26. Angela Day

27. ATD Fourth World

28. Kirklees Metropolitan Council


30. The Bibini Centre for Young People

31. The Children's Society

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Prepared 11 May 2001