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Letter from a birth relative

  I am the birth mother. I am unable to find out if she is dead or alive because Kent County Council (the adoption agency who arranged the adoption) does not offer any intermediary service to birth relatives.

  Although I am registered on every available list to show my agreement to be approached by my daughter if she should so wish, this has been a fruitless effort so far.

  There is no provision in the Adoption & Children Bill, so this is my urgent request to try to change the law so that I can obtain knowledge about her. Some birth relatives are now elderly and this will be the last chance for them to obtain information about their now adult adopted child.

  Since 1976, an adopted person can, by law, obtain information about their birth family, but this is no reciprocal law for birth parents. I myself, had no control over my circumstances and feel that I should have a right to at least the knowledge that my daughter is alive and well—or not, as the case may be.

  The law must be changed in line with other Commonwealth Countries before it is too late.

  Please consider this matter for inclusion in the Bill.

April 2001

3   The Committee received 98 similar representations from birth relatives. Back

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Prepared 11 May 2001