Select Committee on Select Committee on the Adoption and Children Bill Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from Eilis Manning

  I have been looking through the above Bill I felt very strongly about one section.

  In section 48—the word "may" is used. I feel very strongly that this should be "will" not "may". The use of the word "may" suggests that the release of relevant information about an adoptee is at the discretion of someone in an agency. I believe this to be immoral. That information belongs, by moral right, I believe to the adoptee and no-one from an agency has the right to withhold it. I have seen the pain and heartache of adoptees who are refused information, or worse still, who are given wrong or misleading information. This cannot be morally right. The frustration of knowing someone has vital information on file about you but is refusing to release it creates a dreadful burden. I have seen one young man nearly crack up over this very issue. No-one has the right to withhold such information. It gives some agency person incredible power over an adoptee's life. This ought not to be!

May 2001

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Prepared 11 May 2001