Select Committee on Agriculture Seventh Report


Additional memoranda have been received from the following and have been reported to the House, but to save printing costs they have not been printed and copies have been placed in the House of Commons Library where they may be inspected by Members. Other copies are in the Record Office, House of Lords, and are available to the public for inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to the Record Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW (Tel 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

1. Council for the Protection of Rural England (H3) (Annex)

2.  GM & PJ Gibbons (H5)

3.  Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department (H7) (Annex)

4.  Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland (H11) (Annex C)

5.  Country Landowners' Association (H15) (Appendix)

6.  Embassy of Spain (H17)


Session 1997-98

FIRST REPORT, MAFF/Intervention Board Departmental Report 1997, HC 310, published on 16 December 1997.

SECOND REPORT, CAP Reform: Agenda 2000, HC 311-I, published on 25 February 1998.

THIRD REPORT, The UK Beef Industry, HC 474, published on 3 March 1998.

FOURTH REPORT, Food Safety, HC 331, published on 29 April 1998.

FIFTH REPORT, Vitamin B6, HC 753, published on 23 June 1998.

SIXTH REPORT, Flood and Coastal Defence, HC 707, published on 5 August 1998.

SEVENTH REPORT, Vitamin B6: The Government's Decision, HC 1083, published on 4 August 1998.

Session 1998-99

FIRST REPORT, MAFF/Intervention Board Departmental Report 1998 and the Comprehensive Spending Review, HC 125, published on 5 January 1999.

SECOND REPORT, CAP Reform: Rural Development, HC 61, published on 19 January 1999.

THIRD REPORT, The UK Pig Industry, HC 87, published on 1 February 1999.

FOURTH REPORT, UK Pig Industry: The Government's Response, HC 367, published on 6 April 1999.

FIFTH REPORT, Badgers and Bovine Tuberculosis, HC 233, published on 27 April 1999.

SIXTH REPORT, Genetically Modified Organisms, HC 427, published on 15 June 1999.

SEVENTH REPORT, Outcome of the CAP Reform Negotiations, HC 442, published on 29 June 1999.

EIGHTH REPORT, Sea Fishing, HC 141, published on 5 August 1999.

NINTH REPORT, MAFF/Intervention Board Departmental Report 1999, HC 852, published on 28 October 1999.

Session 1999-2000

FIRST REPORT, The Current Crisis in the Livestock Industry, HC 94, published on 14 December 1999.

SECOND REPORT, The Marketing of Milk, HC 36, published on 1 February 2000.

THIRD REPORT, The Segregation of Genetically Modified Foods, HC 71, published on 7 March 2000.

FOURTH REPORT, Environmental Regulation and Farming, HC 212, published on 17 March 2000.

FIFTH REPORT, The Government's Proposals for Organophosphate Sheep Dips, HC 425, published on 23 May 2000.

SIXTH REPORT, The Implications for UK Agriculture and EU Agricultural Policy of Trade Liberalisation and the WTO Round, HC 484, published 4 July 2000.

SEVENTH REPORT, Horticulture Research International, HC 484, published on 11 July 2000.

EIGHTH REPORT, Genetically Modified Organisms and Seed Segregation, HC 812 , published 3 August 2000.

NINTH REPORT, MAFF/IB Departmental Report 2000, HC 610, published 2 August 2000.     

TENTH REPORT, Regional Service Centres, HC 509, published 1 August 2000.

Session 2000-2001

FIRST REPORT, Badgers and Bovine Tuberculosis: Follow-up, HC 92, published 10 January 2001.

SECOND REPORT, Organic Farming, HC 149, published 24 January 2001.

THIRD REPORT, Flood and Coastal Defence: Follow-up, HC 172, published 31 January 2001.

FOURTH REPORT, Horticulture Research International, HC 52, published 31 January 2001.

FIFTH REPORT, The Work of the Forestry Commission, HC 229, published 15 February 2001.

SIXTH REPORT, The UK Pig Industry, HC 32, published 6 March 2001.

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