Select Committee on Agriculture First Special Report

Letter from the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee

Thank you for your letter of 25 October seeking clarification on the review of recommendations made by the Red Tape Working Groups. The Groups have been in touch with their Secretariats to monitor the progress of their recommendations. We published an update of the Red Tape Review Action Plans, giving progress to date, for the Industry Forum of 6 July, and did so again for 23 November Forum. The reports are available on the MAFF and Intervention Board Websites.

In addition, we are proposing to invite the Review Groups to a meeting a year after consideration of their reports to formally review the effectiveness of their recommendations. This was thought to be the most constructive approach since many of the recommendations will have taken some time to work through, for example, the development of electronic forms and coordination of inspections. At that time, they can also recommend to me whether they would like to further opportunities to review progress.

30 November 2000

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Prepared 19 December 2000