Select Committee on Agriculture Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from Ms Pamela Dean (J4)

  For over 25 years I have written to various MPs, Ministers, Prime Minister of the day, plus local and national newspapers on the plight of the badger.

  While I have every sympathy for the farmer regarding bovine TB, the case against the badger is not a proven one.

  Poor husbandry, movement of cattle, less testing, even overcrowding places a great deal of stress on cattle. TB can also be carried by other animals as listed in MAFF information.

  The only safe, sure way is a vaccine for cattle.

  The cull of badgers, which has lasted for 25 years, and still not answered the question. "Is it cattle to badger?" If so, the cull should be stopped.

  Cash used for vaccine and compensate the farmer.

12 September 2000

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Prepared 10 January 2001