Select Committee on Armed Forces Minutes of Evidence

Annex B

Letter from the Chair, ACPO General Policing Committee to the Home Office Policing and Crime Reduction Group

  Thank you for consulting me on the Armed Forces Bill and the meeting on 13 November. I confirm that in my view the minutes of that meeting are accurate.

  As far as Extension of Jurisdiction is concerned, I am entirely content with the broad thrust of what is being suggested. I believe it could be improved by one change in the Draft Section 31(3A). In subsection (b) it appears to me that an MDP officer working on an enquiry in Wiltshire (as indeed I think is currently happening) would only have the powers of a constable inside Wiltshire. There is a much better wording in your proposed Schedule 5, where in paragraph 2B(2)(b) I think the wording is much better and would give MDP officers the same powers as any constable they were working with. It may not be possible to remedy this but if it is it would seem to be sensible.

  I have been consulted by Robert Key MP as Shadow Defence Minister and I have written to him giving the ACPO view on this part of the Bill.

29 January 2001

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Prepared 19 March 2001