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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 13 March 2001.


Members present:

Rachel Squire, in the Chair
Mr David ClellandMr Robert Key
Mr David CrausbyMr John Randall
Mr Quentin DaviesMr Dave Watts
Mr Paul Keetch


Memorandum submitted by Gillian Linscott and Tony Geraghty

Examination of Witnesses

MR TIM GOPSILL, Editor of The Journalist, MR TONY GERAGHTY, Journalist, and MS GILLIAN LINSCOTT, Journalist, National Union of Journalists, examined.

Question Number

807 - 819

820 - 839

840 - 848

Memorandum submitted by Mr William Ernest Bache, Solicitor


Examination of Witnesses

MR WILLIAM BACHE, Solicitor, Messrs Pye-Smith, and MRS JACQUI CAMERON, Administrator, Forces Law, examined.

Question Number

849 - 859

860 - 879

880 - 889

Memorandum submitted by AT EASE

Examination of Witnesses

MRS GWYN GWYNTOPHER, Voluntary Counsellor, and MRS MARGARET JOHNSON, Voluntary Counsellor, AT EASE, examined.

Question Number

890 - 899

900 - 919

920 - 935

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Prepared 19 March 2001