Select Committee on Armed Forces First Special Report


Memoranda published with the Minutes of Evidence

Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland
Defence Police Federation
Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Ms Gillian Linscott and Mr Tony Geraghty
Forces Law
At Ease

Memoranda published as Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memoranda or supplementary memoranda submitted by:

Ministry of Defence: Note on the main provisions of the Bill
Ministry of Defence: Summary jurisdiction in the Royal Navy
Ministry of Defence: The recommendations and observations of the Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill 1996
Ministry of Defence: Race equality in the Armed Forces
Police Federation of England and Wales
Ministry of Defence: following evidence sessions on 18, 23 and 25 January
Professor G R Rubin, Kent Law School, University of Kent at Canterbury
Defence Police Federation: MDP appeal rights
UK Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers
Commission for Racial Equality
Mr Nigel Wylde
Mr A S FosterAssociation for Royal Naval and Royal Marines Families
Mr Roy Large
The Newspaper Society
The Ministry of Defence: Legal aid
Lindis Percy

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Prepared 15 March 2001