Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

  1.  The 125 acre Picketts Lock site in the Lee Valley Regional Park in Enfield was selected as the location for a new athletics stadium in March 2000. The decision to select Picketts Lock was made by UK Athletics with backing and support from DCMS and other key agencies.

  2.  The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority was delighted for its site to be chosen as the location for a new national sport facility. The development of the national athletics stadium at Picketts Lock is consistent with the Park Authority's Strategic Business Plan (launched at the House of Commons in February 2000). The business plan states clearly that as a regionally funded body the Park Authority needs to move away from providing what have become "local" facilities to establishing sport/leisure facilities of regional standing. As part of its Business Plan the Park Authority had already committed itself to finding a fresh development solution to replace the 27 year old Picketts Lock Leisure Centre, a centre which occupies part of the site that has come to the end of its life.

  3.  For the Park Authority the stadium development is a fitting replacement for what was once a major sport and leisure facility of regional and national status.

  4.  The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority was created under the 1966 Park Act with a remit to regenerate a 10,000 acre area of the Lee Valley for the purposes of countryside recreation/conservation and sports and leisure. As a development agency it is the Authority's role to develop/facilitate the development of projects throughout the Regional Park working in partnership with public and private sector partners, planning authorities, key agencies (British Waterways, Environment Agency, Countryside Agency, Sport England, English Nature, London Development Agency) and regional and national government; ALG, GOL, GLA, DETR, DCMS. Examples of present major development projects in the Park include: 225 Acre Country Park, Youth Hostel, 40 km cycleway, regional watersports centre.


  5.  Immediately following the award of the 2005 World Athletics Championships to London (3 April 2000) a project team was formed comprising Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, London Borough of Enfield, UK Athletics with Sport England acting in an advisory capacity. It was agreed by the partners that the Park Authority should take the lead during the feasibility stage of the project.

  6.  May: Commissioning of technical and business planning feasibility exercise consultants funded by a grant from the Sport England Lottery Fund and the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

  7.  June—October

  Range of technical studies carried out and commissioners put in place.

  Development of stadium design brief in accordance with client requirements (UK Athletics, Park Authority, London Borough of Enfield)

  Planning strategy produced

  Provisional cost plan for stadium development

  Project programme produced

  Commissioning of transport and environmental impact studies.

  Business planning study carried out to assess the revenue consequences for the legacy stadium post World Championships to identify income generating opportunities.

  8.  October: Feasibility exercise completed and reports sent out to all partners and key agencies. (DCMS, UK Athletics, UK Sport, Sport England, Park Authority, London Borough of Enfield, London International Sport, London Marathon Trust).

  9.  November: Application to Sport England for Lottery grant to fund next stage of project. Award of £1.3 million made by Sports Lottery Panel augmented by £300,000 matched funding from the Park Authority.

  10.  December—April: Major areas of work for next stage of project.

  Design of stadium

  Preparation of planning application

  Establishment of project delivery vehicle for the stadium development

  Detailed business planning for the legacy stadium.

December 2000

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Prepared 26 March 2001