Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 356 - 359)



  Chairman: Sir Nigel, not only would I like to thank you for coming here today but for being kind enough to change your engagements in order to come here at short notice. It is much appreciated. You may care to know, in view of your own distinguished service on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, that the only reason Mrs Golding is not here today is because she is at a meeting of that Commission.

Mr Fearn

  356. Could I ask what the total level of investment now committed to the Wembley area is and has its transport infrastructure been dealt with by the task force?

  (Sir Nigel Mobbs) The total is approximately £130 million. It would perhaps be wrong to say it has been totally committed yet but we have indications of commitment which would include support from the section 106 agreement, which has not yet been signed by Wembley National Stadium Limited but is likely to be soon. It includes support from London Underground which is still to be confirmed once they get planning permission for the improved and enhanced Wembley Park Station. It includes £25 million from the SRB6 bid which was made and confirmed last July, which mainly is to fund a road to connect back to the north circular road. There is some residual funding from an earlier SRB programme. Those are the main components of the £130 million, but there are other bits within that which deal with training etc.

  357. There is a proposed sale of land by Wembley plc. Do you think that will create any more sporting opportunities and developments in the area?
  (Sir Nigel Mobbs) It is very difficult to say at the moment because we have not been able to discover the firm details on the proposed sale by Wembley plc of land. The role of the task force is to try and promote and encourage the regeneration of the area which is in part covered by the Wembley plc land. I expect that in the ultimate a cocktail of uses will come into the regeneration which could well include some sporting facilities, entertainment, work places etc, but there is not yet a master plan and that will depend to some extent on finding the right developer who might buy Wembley plc.

  358. Mr Geoff Thompson of the FA told us that you had a role in negotiating the £20 million payment associated with the removal of athletics from Wembley. What was your precise role?
  (Sir Nigel Mobbs) I was asked by the Secretary of State in December 1999 to review the question of athletics at Wembley, to look at the difficulties and design features and also to see whether there was the ability to recover some of the Lottery funding which had been advanced to the stadium company in the event that athletics were not to be included in the design. I looked at that and gave advice to the Secretary of State. He then asked me to negotiate with the FA, the result of which was a hand shake agreement to repay £20 million of the Lottery funding.

Derek Wyatt

  359. It is difficult to know where to start because you are coming back to front, are you not?
  (Sir Nigel Mobbs) I suppose you could say that.

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Prepared 30 March 2001