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Supplementary memorandum submitted by Birmingham City Council

  Further to your letter please find enclosed the items requested. The Bid, and a promotional video of the World Indoor Athletics Championships 2003. Also sent under separate cover as an e-mail is the working budget which is to go before the Major Events Steering Group and Lottery Panel on 14 February 2001.[3] Much of this work is still on going and is yet to be fully completed. You currently have the most up-to-date information available.

  The re-negotiation of agreements with the IAAF and their agents ISL, together with UK Athletics are also on going and until many of those issues are resolved the final financial picture will not be revealed.

  The current position is that Birmingham City Council will be looking for a substantial grant from the UK Sports Council, towards the overall cost of the event which is likely to be around £2.6 million.

  The economic impact of this event has been investigated by the UK Sports Council, a copy of which is also e-mailed to you under separate cover.[4] The involvement of officers from UK Sport has been extremely helpful and their early advice and experience of staging other events has proved invaluable.

January 2001

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Prepared 3 April 2001