Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Brent Council

  Further inquiry and implications for Wembley and the new Wembley National Stadium arising from:

    —  2005 World Athletics Championships;

    —  England bid for the 2006 FIFA World Cup;

    —  Prospects for a British Olympic bid.

  Written evidence to the Committee has previously been submitted by LB Brent outlining the role of the Council and focussing comment on the need for a comprehensive approach to stadium development, infrastructure requirements and related regeneration opportunities.

  Brent Council's interest in the above matters stems from being:

    —  a key partner in the bid submission for National Lottery funding for Wembley Stadium;

    —  the planning and transportation authority for the National Stadium development; and

    —  a member of the Wembley Task Force charged by government with bringing about the regeneration of Wembley.

  On behalf of the Council my comments on the areas of interest highlighted by the Committee are as follows:


  The Council continues to be a supporter of the proposals to stage the World Athletics Championships in London in 2005 and views Wembley and the proposed new National Stadium as a potentially suitable venue. The Championships would be a fitting inauguration for what we all trust will be a "world class" sports and entertainment venue. The Council believes that the staging of the Championships at the new Stadium would also maximise the value of the investment being made not just in the new development itself but also the investment in the infrastructure supporting the new Stadium. Moreover most of the complex logistical issues concerning the Stadium development have or are close to being resolved. The additional resource implications of staging the World Athletics Championships (eg temporary stadium alterations and warm-up track) would be relatively marginal. The Council has sought to be co-operative with all parties in this matter.


  The Council was disappointed with the FIFA 2006 World Cup decision. The Council was not involved in the bid and therefore it is not in a position to offer any insight into the bid process. As with our policy towards the new National Stadium in Wembley, it is our view that the quality of the transport infrastructure, hotel, conferencing and complementary developments are key factors in making sports venues economically sustainable and successful hosts to major events.


  Should Britain opt to bid to stage the Olympics, the Council's view is that this could include Wembley National Stadium as an important component providing that event and related development proposals would not impinge on the commercial regeneration of the area. The Council has co-operated with the investigations of London International Sport, the British Olympic Association and Sport England to determine the suitability of Wembley as part of an Olympic bid. The Council awaits their findings and will continue to assist such bodies in their deliberations as and when appropriate.

November 2000

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Prepared 3 April 2001