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Memorandum submitted by the Lawn Tennis Association


  Further to your letter of 16 October, I have pleasure in responding as follows:


  The Lawn Tennis Association is the governing body of tennis in Great Britain run as a professionally managed sports, leisure and entertainment business.

  The head office based in London oversees an infrastructure of seven regional offices, 38 county offices, 2,400 affiliated clubs, 83,663 registered members and over 1,400 sanctioned tournaments that ensure the development of tennis from the grass roots through to the professional level. The game is managed in Scotland and Wales by local associations who are affiliated to the LTA.


  The Lawn Tennis Association is responsible or jointly responsible for staging the following international professional tennis tournaments:

The Championships, Wimbledon
Men and Women, Grass
2000 Attendance—455,752
25 June-8 July 2001
Stella Artois, Queen's
Men, Grass
2000 Attendance—50,464
11-17 June 2001
DFS Classic, Edgbaston
Women, Grass
2000 Attendance-11,000
11-17 June 2001
Ladies' International Tournament, Eastbourne
Women, Grass
2000 Attendance—36,500
18-23 June 2001
Nottingham Open
Men, Grass
2000 Attendance—23,000
18-23 June 2001
Samsung Open, Brighton
Men, Indoor
2000 tournament currently in progress
1999 Attendance (outdoor, Bournemouth)—13,500 (rain affected)
2001 date to be confirmed
Honda Classic, Royal Albert Hall, London
Veteran Man, Indoor
2000 tournament commences on 6 December
1999 Attendance—25,000
December 2001
Davis Cup ties
NIA, Birmingham (venue to be confirmed)
2000 Attendance—30,000
6-8 April 2001 and
21-23 September 2001
(could be home or away)

  The LTA runs and supports these events with a fully integrated marketing service with separate divisions in Event Management and Marketing, Sponsorship and PR. Each division is headed by experienced sports marketing and sponsorship professionals with the necessary experience and contacts across tennis to stage international events.


  Tennis currently enjoys an extremely high profile in Britain with Tim Henman in the world top 10 and Greg Rusedski returning to full fitness.

  The LTA is keen to use this profile to attract high ranking tournaments to Britain in conjunction with the Sports Council and Government Departments.

  The British Davis Cup team, having regained entry to the World Group in 1998, will be playing its 2001 ties in the Euro-African Zone Division 1, hoping to return to the World Group in 2002. The LTA has esablished a very successful David Cup brand where typically we attract 30,000 people over three days, many of them new entrants/spectators to the sport.

  In respect of specific "tennis" events, we would comment as follows:

  (a)  The Olympic Games

  The LTA would welcome the opportunity to support any domestic bid for the Games, providing the support of our expertise and contacts in tennis in all areas of the country.

  (b)  The Masters Cup

  This tournament is the culmination of the men's professional international tour and the Grand Slam Championships and features the leading eight players in the world in terms of rankings at the end of the season.

  In 1998 the ATP World Championships featured two British players for the first time ever—Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski. It is an extremely high profile event that if correctly managed can be rewarding for both the sport, the country and commercially.

  In 2000, the Masters Cup will be staged in Lisbon with Sydney the venue for 2001. Bids are being invited on an annual basis with London being a possible venue. Due to guarantees required of $4 million and upwards, the LTA does not believe it to be an appropriate use of the Association's funds which would otherwise go into grass roots development. Successful bidding nations attract a guarantee from the cities in which they are staged, no doubt with assistance from the hotel and tourist trade.

  (c)  The Championships, Wimbledon

  The Wimbledon Championships are jointly managed by the All England Lawn Tennis Club and the Lawn Tennis Association. The net income from this tournament is then invested in the development and infrastructure of the game in Great Britain. Significant investment has been made to improve the tournament and public facilities at the AELTC funded entirely from the Championships and public debentures. It is the goal of the AELTC and the LTA for the Championships to remain the best tennis tournament in the world which will require significant investment in the years to come.

  I hope that the above is of use to the Culture, Media & Sport Committee and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

November 2000

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