Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Annex 3


  Spring 2001 advertising campaigns in the USA, Germany and France had already been launched by the time the FMD outbreak took its hold. All three campaigns are designed to generate main season (June to September) business.


  The TV campaign started running in the last week in December and has performed exceptionally well, pulling over 14,000 responses against a target of 8,000 being well before the foot and mouth crisis struck. The second part of the campaign, the insertion of two million "Schottland" supplements in magazines and newspapers, began on 13 February. Comparing the response to the supplements to the response from the TV ads should give us a steer as to the effect reportage of FMD is having to campaign responses, (although not to conversion—see below).


  The outdoor poster campaign began on 1 March and press ads on 13 February. It is early to comment on response although Minitel shows similar levels to last year. Again we are likely to see response being affected by FMD.


  The campaign began in early February, with small format ads in print and on the Internet. Response has been very healthy, although having come during the week when the first widescale reportage of FMD appeared in the US press it is very likely to diminish.

  Presentations at the New York media event on 3 April, during Tartan Week, focused on Edinburgh and Glasgow. City-stays will be the one product with the best chances of converting to sales.


  Campaign response is no indicator of conversion. Our conversion studies show how susceptible conversion is to circumstance, although the same circumstances do not necessarily put people off responding to advertising and filing it away for another year.


  We decided to continue with our golf advertising campaign which launched on 24 March and runs through April and May. It is aimed at generating business during the summer and as the majority of golf courses remain open it is appropriate to continue this activity. The campaign is worth £225,000.

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Prepared 10 May 2001