Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport First Report



Camelot Headquarters, Watford, Tuesday 7 November 2000

Presentations by Mr Tim Holley, Chief Executive and Ms Dianne Thompson, Chief Executive Designate, Mr Mike Wyld, Director IT, Ms Sue Slipman, Director, Player and Retailer Services and Social Responsibility, Ms Angela Ford, Head of Communication Services, Mr Steve Thompson, Director Human Resources and members of the Staff Consultative Forum.

Washington DC, Baltimore, New York and New Jersey, Monday 4 December to Friday 8 December

Washington DC

Discussions with Mr Bruce La Fleur, TLF Publications and La Fleur Lottery Research.

Discussions with Ms Lindsay Hutter, Vice President, Industry Relations & Communications, and Ms Elizabeth Bogart, Director, Industry Affairs, National Association of Convenience Stores.

Discussions with Professor Peter Reuter, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland.


Discussions with Dr Jerry Lewis, Chairman, Maryland Lottery Commission, and Mr Buddy Roogow, Director, and Mr Jimmy White, Director of Public Affairs, Maryland Lottery Agency.

New Jersey

Presentations by Ms Deborah Taschler, President and Creative Director, Mr Steven Page, Marketing Manager, and Mr Mark Devaney, Director of Public Relations, Gráfica Inc, New Jersey.

Presentations by Mr Bob Babcock, Vice-President, European Sales, Mr Ed Hinkel, and Mr Bill Skees, Automated Wagering Inc, (AWI).

Discussions with Mr Lawrence P Goldman, President and CEO, New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Discussions with Ms Virginia Haines, Executive Director, Ms Carole Hedinger, Deputy Executive Director, and Ms Linda Malone, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales, the New Jersey State Lottery.

Presentations by Mr Donald L Stanford, Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, GTech.

New York

Presentations by Ms Cynthia D'Alessandro, Grey Worldwide Advertising.

Discussions with Ms Margaret DeFrancisco, Executive Director, New York State Lottery.

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Prepared 12 March 2001