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Further supplementary memorandum submitted by Camelot Group plc


  The National Lottery Commission is responsible for the control of the pricing of all National Lottery tickets. Directions to the National Lottery Commission under section 11 of the National Lottery etc Act 1993 ("the Act") provide:

    "The Commission shall exercise its function under sections 5 and 6 in such a manner as to ensure that no licence is granted which authorises the promotion of a lottery, the price of tickets for which is, in the opinion of the Commission, unreasonably high."

  The National Lottery Commission specifies in each game licence issued under section 6 of the Act the ticket price approved for the game.

  The price of each game is individually determined, having regard to various matters particularly game content, and is backed by extensive market research. Game prices are kept under review. Prices for the current portfolio of games (per play) are as follows:

6/49 game
Most games cost £1, some games cost £2
Big Draw
Lottery Extra

  The price of the 6/49 game has been £1 since the launch of the National Lottery. Camelot recognises that over that period the real value of £1 has declined, but extensive research shows that the price remains at the right level.

  Camelot's financial forecasts for the second licence period assume no increase in price for the current portfolio of games. New National Lottery games will, however, face the same stringent checks and research to ensure that the price of each game is attractive to players, whilst maximising the returns to good causes.

February 2001

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