Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Letter dated 18 December 2000 from the Chief Executive of Camelot Group plc to the Chief Executive of the National Lottery Commission


  Thank you for your letter dated 14 December 2000.

  Clearly, the duration of any interim licence is of critical importance and is a matter on which agreement will be required. As you know, Camelot indicated that it was prepared to go beyond the obligations contained in the undertaking given in the High Court, and to consent to an Interim Licence of up to four months in duration (ie expiring on 31 January 2002). As you also know, Camelot has agreed the terms of the relevant Interim Licence on the express assumption that if Camelot were to be successful in its application for a seven-year licence it would be granted an Interim Licence terminating on that date. I do not anticipate any difficulty in agreeing rapidly in the alternative scenario the precise termination date of an Interim Licence terminating on or before that date. I should be grateful if we could discuss, at the earliest convenient time after the announcement of the Commission's decision on the operator for the next seven-year licence, the duration of the appropriate Interim Licence.

  Subject to the above I am pleased to confirm that Camelot Group plc would be content to enter into the pre-licence agreement forthwith on the announcement of the Commission's decision on the award of the seven-year licence, and to receive the appropriate accompanying letter from the Commission.

January 2001

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Prepared 12 March 2001