Select Committee on Defence First Special Report


The Defence Committee has agreed to the following Special Report:—



1. Under Standing Order No. 152 of the House of Commons the Defence Committee is made responsible for monitoring the expenditure, policy and administration of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and associated bodies. This is our third annual report in which we seek to account to the House (and a wider readership) for our performance of this scrutiny task.[8] We are pleased that the Liaison Committee has built upon our initiative by requesting annual reports from each of the other departmentally-related select committees as well.[9]

2. We begin, as before, by reviewing the Committee's activities over the 1999-2000 Session. We then consider our Reports and the government's responses to them. We then review a number of miscellaneous issues which arose in the course of the year, and some broader questions which have arisen in the course of our deliberations and inquiries. We then outline the principal features of the Committee's programme for the current and future sessions. Finally, we review our achievements against our objectives for the year.

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Prepared 5 February 2001