Select Committee on Defence First Special Report

ANNEX F: Committee Recommendations: Progress


First Report: The Strategic Defence Review: Territorial Army Restructuring (HC 70) Published: 22 February 1999
Government Reply: Second Special Report, Session 1998-99 (HC 417) Published: 5 May 1999

  Recommendations and undertakings Government Response Committee Response/Follow-up Further GovernmentAction Notes
1.That the forthcoming review of the Territorial and Auxiliary Volunteer Reserve Associations should be used as an opportunity to demonstrate that the MoD is genuinely seeking opinions on its proposals (paragraph ?). The Government considered the Committee's criticism of the consultation process as misplaced. Evidence taken on 8.11.2000, report due.     
3.That the position in relation to the establishment of Permanent Staff Instructors be regularly reviewed and that should it become clear that training is falling below levels necessary for the effectiveness of the TA to be maintained, it will be increased (paragraph ?). The Government that the new structure would provide sufficient numbers of PSIs. The MoD would continue to monitor training and where training standards are not being achieved that they would be corrected. Evidence taken on 8.11.2000, report due.     
6.To monitor closely the recruited strength of the medical services to see if the MoD are successful in their objectives (paragraph ?). The Government shared the Committee's concern about the challenge involved in expanding the volunteer medical services. See Seventh Report, Recommendation 9     
Recommendations and undertakings Government Response Committee Response/Follow-up Further GovernmentAction Notes
7.That the MoD be responsive to TAVRA advice on the disposal of TA centres, and where that advice is found to be valid for it to be acted upon by the MoD, even if this involves reconsidering individual sites earmarked for sale, and that the Minister be able to defend choices made on 'political' rather than commercial grounds (paragraph ?). The Government reviewed those cases where it appeared that a decision was made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information. A few decisions were subsequently overturned Evidence taken on 8.11.2000, report due.     
8.That control of the £12 million allocated to the Cadets should be given to the TAVRAs, and that they should be free to invest any savings accrued from this programme in upgrading and refurbishing existing accommodation for the Cadets (paragraph ?). The Government accepted the spirit of the Committee's recommendation, reaffirmed its commitment to spend £12 million on the Cadets, but did not state explicitly that the TAVRAs would have control of the allocation. Evidence taken on 8.11.2000, report due.    
12.That the MoD implement our proposed system of reporting on the effects of the restructuring process from March/April 1999 (paragraph 48). The Government agreed to the Committee's proposed system of reporting Quarterly reports received, report due.     

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Prepared 5 February 2001