Select Committee on Defence First Special Report

ANNEX F: Committee Recommendations: Progress (continued)

Fifth Report: Security of Supply and Future of Royal Ordnance Factory Bishopton (HC 274) Published: 28 May
Government Reply: Sixth Special Report (HC 725) Published: 14 July 1999

  Recommendations and undertakings Government Response Committee Response/Follow-up Further GovernmentAction Notes
2.That the MoD's Stockpile Planning Guidance review of war stocks levels, needs not only to readdress in a fundamental way the requirements of the post-Cold War security environment but also to take into account the lessons of NATO's operations in Bosnia and now in Serbia. (Paragraph 36) MoD is examining the experiences of Kosovo, which will be subsumed in the 'Stockpile Planning Guidance' study, the results of which will be sent to the Committee.

This MoD study is validating the assumptions behind war stock calculations using military judgement panels, and 'different stockpiling principles might [then] be applied'.
See Fourteenth Report, Session 1999-2000   Results of stockpile review still awaited.
4.To be informed of the results of the MoD study examining war stock requirements as soon as they are ready. (Para 38) An 'overview' of the study's results will be provided in due course. See Fourteenth Report, Session 1999-2000.   Results of stockpile review still awaited.

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