Select Committee on Defence First Special Report

ANNEX F: Committee Recommendations: Progress (continued)

Eighth Report: Major Procurement Projects Survey: The Common New Generation Frigate Programme (HC 544) Published: 10 November 1999
Government Reply: Fourth Special Report, HC 222 Published: 15 February 2000

  Recommendations and undertakings Government Response Committee Response/Follow-up Further GovernmentAction Notes
1.That the next defence equipment debate should take place in early June 2000, and that the MoD provide its next progress report before Easter 2000 (para 2). Accepted.See Tenth Report, Session 1999-2000.   Debate took place October 2000.
9.The Committee to monitor the Type 45 programme (Para 45.)   See Tenth Report, Session 1999-2000.     

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Prepared 5 February 2001