Select Committee on Defence First Special Report


Letter to the Chairman from:

1.Ministry of Defence concerning Air Surveillance and Control System (11 November 1999) 1
2.Ministry of Defence concerning review of compensation arrangements (2 December 1999) 1
3.Secretary of State for Defence concerning Eurofighter (13 December 1999) 1
4.Minister of State for Defence Procurement concerning negotiations with BAE Systems on potential partnering with Royal Ordnance (21 December 1999) 2
5.Exchange of correspondence between the Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP, Leader of the House, and the Chairman of the Committee concerning the timing of defence debates 3
6.Ministry of Defence concerning numbers of aircraft accidents during 1999 (24 January 2000) 4
7.Ministry of Defence concerning Fourth Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (29 February 2000) 5
8.Prime Minister concerning the Joint Intelligence Committee (8 March 2000) 5
9.Ministry of Defence concerning the Defence Logistics Organisation (18 April 2000) 5
10.Ministry of Defence concerning the Main Building redevelopment (5 May 2000) 5
11.Ministry of Defence concerning relocation to the RAFAT (9 May 2000) 6
12.Ministry of Defence concerning storage of decommissioned nuclear submarines 7
13.Ministry of Defence concerning Air Surveillance and Control System (16 May 2000) 7
14.Ministry of Defence concerning aircraft accidents (31 May 2000) 7
15.Ministry of Defence concerning preferred supplier of a Defence Electronic Commerce System (30 May 2000) 8
16.Transport and General Workers Union concerning the future of Royal Ordnance Bishopton (14 June 2000) 8
17.BAE Systems concerning Royal Ordnance propellant procurement strategy (21 July 2000) 11
18.Ministry of Defence concerning the future of Royal Ordnance Bishopton  (25 July 2000) 14
19.Ministry of Defence concerning the production of new stock of anthrax vaccine (11 July 2000) 17
20.Ministry of Defence concerning medical preparedness for deployments to Sierra Leone (25 July 2000) 18
21.Ministry of Defence concerning amalgamation of the Ships Support Agency  and the Naval Bases and Supply Agency (6 September 2000) 19
22.Ministry of Defence concerning HMS Vengeance - Trident D5 Missile Firing (11 September 2000) 20
23.Ministry of Defence concerning the UK's efforts to assist the Russian submarine Kursk (29 September 2000) 20
24.Ministry of Defence concerning a Strategy for the Army (17 November 2000) 21
25.Ministry of Defence concerning help for volunteers who participated in trials at Porton Down (21 November 2000) 21
26.Ministry of Defence - Military Aircraft Accidents (RN, Army, RAF and DPA): 23 May - 21 September 2000 22

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Prepared 5 February 2001