Select Committee on Defence First Special Report


Memorandum from the Ministry of Defence concerning Fourth Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (29 February 2000)

  You will recall that when we announced the Strategic Defence Review we said that we were going to create a fourth Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment. This regiment will be formed by re-roling the Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG) and moving them from Catterick to Stanley Barracks, Bovington. The conversion of that regiment is well in hand, we also intend to move the QDG from their current location in Catterick to Bovington, and for the Queen's Royal Lancers (QRL) to move into Catterick behind them when they return from Germany.

  The works necessary at Bovington are considerable and involve the construction of all the garages, workshops and hard standing for the QDG vehicles. Originally we had considered undertaking the minimum work necessary to accommodate the unit in the short term and doing some further build around them to allow the unit to occupy the barracks quickly. We have subsequently concluded that it would be more cost effective and better for the Servicemen concerned to delay the move until the works could be completed on a permanent basis. We shall therefore be delaying the move of the QDG to Bovington until 2003, and thus the move of the QRL back from Germany until the same time.

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Prepared 5 February 2001