Select Committee on Defence Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


  A.  Strategic Defence Review, Essay No 9 "A Policy for People", page 9 to 11, paragraph 56.

  B.  Minister (Armed Forces) letter D//MIN(AF)/DH/5/1/3 dated 22 September 1998.

  C.  Chairman OPS's letter dated 28 April 1994 to AUS (SP) covering the Society's written evidence to the MoD Review of the AFPS.

  D.  Report of Sir Michael Bett's Independent Review of the Armed Forces' Manpower, Career and Remuneration Structures dated 31 March 1995.

  E.  Report of the MoD Review of the AFPS dated March 1995.

  F.  Chairman OPS's letter dated 7 August 1995 to AUS (SP)—the Society's view on the recommendations the "Bett" Independent Review and the MoD Review of the AFPS.

  G.  Mr Ian McCartney, Minister DTI's statement of 3 February 1998, during the Committee Stage of the National Minimum Wage Bill.

  H.  House of Commons "Hansard" of 17 July 1998, column 703.

  I.  Review Body on Armed Forces Pay—Twenty-seventh Report 1998.

  J.  House of Commons "Hansard" of 11 December 1989, column 677 and 679.

  K.  MoD Booklet AFPS/1 (Rev 96)—A Guide to the Armed Forces Pensions Scheme.

  L.  House of Commons "Hansard" of 14 July 1997, column 54.

  M.  MoD letter D/SPP (Pens) 1/17/2 dated 8 June 1998.

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Prepared 23 February 2001