Select Committee on Defence Minutes of Evidence

Further memorandum from the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (15 December 2000)


  The structure, organisation and mechanisms are in place to ensure that Volunteer Reserve Forces and Cadets receive the funds they have been allocated. In some areas largely due to the overall pressure on budgets at every level shortfalls are occurring or are likely to,

    (a)  Current levels of funding available for estate management permit only statutory (A1) and some mandatory (A2) tasks. This restriction will lead inevitably to deterioration of the Reserves and Cadets estate.

    (b)  High inflation in the media-buying world is eroding the purchasing power of the STP transfer allocation agreed between Land Command's and the Adjutant General's budgets. In financial year 2000-02 and 2001-02 there is insufficient funding to launch a national TV advertisement for the first time in over a decade.

    (c)  Property deemed surplus to Reserve requirements post-SDR consumes a proportion of sparse estate management funds for upkeep and carrying costs, which are only refundable after Defence Estates have completed disposals.

    (d)  Civilian staff support to TA units was cut in the SDR. This has had an impact on the administration of units, especially in recruit reception.

    (e)  The drive to reduce costs and rationalise the Army Training Estate is in danger of denying some Reserve units and the Cadets access to low-level training at week-ends.


  1.  This Day was held at the Duke of York's Headquarters and NOT Chelsea Barracks.

  2.  The figures are:

        517 Visitors;

        449 Firm enquiries.

  3.  It is impossible to say how many of the firm enquiries will be converted into reservists for several months.

  4.  The enquiries are tri-Service enquiries with approximately 15 per cent enquiring about the RNR and RAuxAF.

  5.  22 potential adult instructors for the ACF were also recorded on that day.


  1.  Figures have been supplied by the Defence Analytical Services Agency (DASA).

  2.  Regular Army Recruits from ACF and CCF for FY 1999-2000.

a.Officer Recruits ex ACFex CCF  
  0.5%(3) 39.7%(267)
b.Soldier Recruitsex ACF ex CCF  
  12.3%(1,614) 1.2%(155)
c.Young Soldiers and Apprentices ex ACFex CCF  
  20.2%(220) 1.5%(16)

  3.  Members of the TA with Cadet Backgrounds as at 31 March 2000

a.Officers  5.4%(313)
b.Soldiers18.95% (7,625) 

  4.  It is not possible to provide any figures for cross-Service cadet recruits or experience. It is known, for instance, that some Air Training Corps Cadets do join the regualr army but the figures are not recorded.


  The list of TA buildings which the RFCAs believe should have been retained is below:

        Duke of York's Headquarters

        Halifax TAC

        York (Lumley Barracks) TAC

        Plymouth (Millbay) TAC

        Heston TAC

        Buxton TAC

        Worksop TAC

        Slough TAC

        Brighton (Preston) Barracks

  The Duke of York's HQ is perceived as the "HQ" of the TA. Currently a presence is being retained but the longer term is uncertain.

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Prepared 10 April 2001