Select Committee on Defence Seventh Special Report


99. The Defence Committee now has a history stretching back more than 20 years. That has enabled us to accumulate an archive of knowledge and a body of experience on which each successive Committee has been able to build. It has also enabled Parliament, through the Committees, to engage in a constructive (for the most part) and increasingly well-informed dialogue with the MoD.

100. We hope we have added positively to that legacy. The 1979 reforms which brought the Defence Committee into existence seem, in retrospect, to have been revolutionary. Changes to the system since then have been evolutionary, but profound. We are sure our successors will continue that record of steady improvement in the quality of parliamentary scrutiny of the MoD and the Armed Forces, and will add further depth to the democratic accountability and control of our Armed Forces, which are fundamental elements in securing the high regard in which they are held in this country.

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Prepared 14 May 2001