Select Committee on Defence Seventh Special Report


Letter to the Chairman from:                

1.  Letter from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence-Proposal to withdraw the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) from Royal Ordnance sites (30 November 2000)

2.  Letter from the Secretary of State for Defence-Modernisation of current arrangements for warship repair and maintenance (21 January 2001)

3.  Military Aircraft Accidents (RN, Army, RAF & DPA); 23 May to 21 September 2000

4.  Military Aircraft Accidents (RN, Army RAF & DPA) 22 September 2000 to 11 January 2001

5.  Letter from the Secretary of State for Defence-Armed Forces Pensions and Compensation Reviews (16 March 2001)

6.  Military Aircraft Accidents (RN, Army RAF, DPA and USAF): 12 January to 9 April 2001

7.  Letter from the Rt Hon Baroness Symons concerning the Science and Technology Review (22 March 2001)

8.  Letter from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence concerning MoD report on the assessment of the costs and benefits of defence exports

(25 April 2001)

9.  Answers from the Ministry of Defence to questions posed by the Committee following its visit to Kosovo, 20-22 March 2001 (30 April 2001)

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Prepared 14 May 2001