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Letter from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence—Proposal to withdraw the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) from the Royal Ordnance sites (30 November 2000)

  John Spellar wrote to you on 17 April about a proposal to withdraw the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) from the Royal Ordnance (RO) sites at Bridgwater, Chorley, Glascoed, Radway Green and Nottingham in favour of alternative arrangements to be made by RO with the relevant licensing authorities.

  I am writing to say that after considering all the comments submitted during the consultation exercise, I have concluded that it would be right to proceed with the withdrawal from the first four of these sites by 31 May 2001. I have also decided that it would be right for the MDP to withdraw from RO Nottingham once the MoD weapons collection has been removed from the Pattern Room, which is expected to take place by the end of 2001. Alternative postings will be offered to all the staff concerned, while the involvement of the licensing authorities will ensure the maintenance of appropriate standards of security.

  Picking up the final remarks in John's letter, you may like to know that 56 MDP officers deployed to Kosovo in June, and from all accounts are acquitting themselves extremely well.

  I am writing in similar terms to Iain Duncan Smith, Ann Winterton, Gwyneth Dunwoody, Alan Simpson, Huw Edwards, Lindsay Hoyle, Paul Keetch and Tom King.

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Prepared 15 May 2001