Select Committee on Defence Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence concerning MoD report on the assessment of the costs and benefits of defence exports (25 April 2001)

  In its report "The Appointment of the Head of Defence Services", published on 31 March 1999, the Defence Committee invited the MoD to provide a more systematic and detailed assessment of the full costs and benefits of defence exports for the UK.

  This work was taken forward by the MoD's economic adviser jointly with independent academics. We advised the Committee earlier this year that while the work has taken longer than a purely "in house" assessment, we expected to be able to provide the results of the assessment by the end of April. I am writing to let you know that although the work is almost complete, there is a need to finalise some outstanding details with our academic partners. It is therefore unlikely that the report will be available by the end of the month as previously envisaged, although it is not expected to be long delayed.

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Prepared 15 May 2001