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  The table below gives a breakdown of the underlying causes for 477 Gulf veterans' deaths (Service and Ex-Service personnel only) which have occurred in the period 1 April 1991 to 31 December 2000, classified according to the World Health Organisation's International Classification of Diseases 9th revision (ICD-9) (1977).
ICD Chapter Cause of deathGulf Era
All deaths477 466
All cause coded deaths 468457
I—XVIDisease-related causes 168208
IInfectious and parasitic diseases 32
IICancers69 77
IIIEndocrine and immune disorders 14
VMental disorders8 11
VIDiseases of the nervous system and sense organs 74
VIIDiseases of the circulatory system 6079
VIIIDiseases of the respiratory system 95
IXDiseases of the digestive system 612
IV, X-XVIAll other disease-related causes 514
EXVIIExternal causes of injury and poisoning 300249
Railway accidents4 1
Motor vehicle accidents 10985
Water transport accidents 41
Air and space accidents 2517
Other vehicle accidents 02
Accidental poisoning 912
Accidental falls8 6
Accidents due to fire/flames 01
Accidents due to natural environmental factors 22
Accidents due to submersion/suffocation/foreign bodies 156
Other accidents31 26
Late effects of accident/injury 02
Suicide and injury undetermined whether accidental 8580
Homicide5 4
Injury resulting from the operations of war 34
Other deaths for which coded cause data are not yet available 76
Overseas deaths for which cause data are not available 23

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