Select Committee on Education and Employment Minutes of Evidence




Opportunities and entitlements

  The minimum expectations for institutional PDP policies are that:

    —  at the start of a programme, students will be introduced to the opportunities for PDP;

    —  students will be provided with opportunities for PDP at each stage of their programme.

    —  the rationale for PDP at different stages of a programme will be explained for the benefit of students (eg in student or course handbooks or module/unit guides);

    —  the nature and scope of opportunities for PDP, and the recording and support strategies will be determined by each institution.

  These minimum criteria are not intended to constrain existing practice or local initiatives and institutional or local policies are likely to exceed these minimum expectations.

Minimum outcomes

  On completion of their programme students will have:

    —  participated in PDP in a range of learning contexts at each stage or level of their programme;

    —  demonstrated that they can assess and use the aids and tools provided by the institution to help them reflect upon their own learning and achievements and to plan for their own educational, academic and career development;

    —  created their own learning records containing information on the qualities and skills they can evidence which can be drawn upon when applying for a job or further study.

Information on PDP

    —  the opportunities for PDP in student programmes will be made clear in the programme specification and through any other means the institution considers appropriate;

    —  students who are applying to study in HE will be informed about the institution's policies on PDP;

    —  at the start of their programme students will be provided with information on PDP in their programme including a rationale for the approaches used. Students will be provided with:

    —  information on how they might integrate extra-curricula experiences (like voluntary service, part-time employment or work placements, study abroad, fieldwork and working as a student representative or SU officer) into their own personal development planning process.

    —  students will be provided with information on any ways in which their own evidence of learning might be eligible for accreditation.

    —  formal opportunities for PDP in the HE curriculum will be identified in the HE Transcript.

  (see CVCP-ScoP-QAA Consultation paper)

Quality Assurance

    —  Institutions will be expected to have mechanisms to assure themselves that PDP is being implemented effectively.

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Prepared 19 February 2001