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Memorandum from the Further Education Funding Council (HE 80)


  In 1998-99, there were 153,200 students enrolled on HE provision directly in FE colleges. Most of these students were on part-time programmes and over 60 per cent of the students were aged over 25. Around 12,000 students were enrolled on degree or postgraduate programmes, with the remainder enrolled on HNC, HND and higher level professional and craft qualifications and NVQs.

  In addition to the students enrolled directly at FE colleges, an estiamted 33,0000 students were enrolled at HEIs on HE provision which was franchised to FE colleges. As a result, in total there were around 186,000 HE students in FE colleges in 1998-99, around 11 per cent of the total HE students in England.

  Funding of HE provision in colleges is split between FEFC and HEFCE. FEFC fund non-prescribed higher education such as level 4 and 5 professional and craft qualifications and NVQs in colleges. Up to 1998-99, FEFC also funded HNC qualifications and a small amount of prescribed HE, such as HNDs, in colleges. Most HNDs and degrees delivered by colleges were funded by HEFCE. From 1999-2000, HEFCE became responsible for funding all HNCs, HNDs and degrees in colleges.

  The FEFC has a responsibility to ensure adequacy and sufficiency of further education provision. It has not funded growth in non-prescribed HE provision in colleges, resulting in relatively little change in numbers on HE provision up to 1998-99.

  In 1999-2000, HEFCE funded a total of 72,800 students in FE colleges. This is an increase of 2,400 students over the numbers on equivalent provision in 1998-99. HEFCE have also awarded 2,200 new places in response to growth bids from FE colleges for 2000-01.

  In addition to the HE provision which is funded directly by FEFC or HEFCE, HEFCE also fund provision which is franchised from a higher education institution to a college. There were 35,800 students on such franchised provision in 1999-2000, an estimated increase of 2,800 over the number in 1998-99. HEFCE also estimate that 5,820 out of a total of 18,552 new places awarded to HEIs in 2000-01 will be franchised to FE colleges.

  Sources of data:

    —  Individualised student record (ISR)—FEFC

    —  HE statistics for the UK—HESA

    —  HEFCE circular 00/26.

  Note: Figures presented for the 1998-99 year reflect the total number of valid records processed through a mapping procedure agreed between FEFC and HESA, and therefore might differ from those published elsewhere.

Further Education Funding Council

August 2000

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Prepared 23 March 2001