Select Committee on Education and Employment First Special Report


The Education and Employment Committee has agreed to the following Report:—


In its Report "Shifting the Balance: Select Committees and the Executive" the Liaison Committee asked each departmental select committee to provide an annual report, providing information on progress on past recommendations, difficulties encountered in the course of the Committee's work and examples of good practice.[1] The memorandum jointly submitted to the Liaison Committee by the Chairman of the Employment Sub-committee and the Chairman of the Education Sub-committee in response to that request is annexed to this Special Report. In response to a specific request from the Liaison Committee, we also asked the DfEE to provide an update to their responses to those of our recommendations made over the course of the Parliament which are still relevant. The Department's updates, together with the original recommendations and responses, are appended to this Special Report.

1  First Report from the Liaison Committee, Session 1999-2000, Shifting the Balance: Select Committees and the Executive, HC 300, paras 51-55. Back

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Prepared 27 February 2001