Select Committee on Education and Employment Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 2



  Of the 140 who responded to this questionnaire 49 per cent are in favour of the introduction of anti age discrimination legislation. Broken down this figure reveals party support for this measure as follows:

    —  Lab 56%

    —  Con 10%

    —  Lib Dem 25%

    —  SNP 3%

    —  UK Unionist 1%

    —  Scottish Lab 1%

    —  PC 1%

  However, 9 per cent of the 140 who responded to the survey expressed their support for both Government sponsored voluntary codes and legislation to deal with the issue of age discrimination. In terms of party support for this option, the survey responses indicate the following:

    —  Lab 85%

    —  Con 8%

    —  Lib Dem 8%

  This implies that a total of 58 per cent of MPs who expressed a view believe that some form of Age Discrimination Legislation should be introduced.

  38% of respondents indicated their support only for Government sponsored voluntary codes of conduct. In terms of those who supported this measure:

    —  Lab 6%

    —  Con 5%

    —  Lib Dem 6%

    —  UU 1%

    —  DUP 1%

  Of the 3 per cent of who favour no Government action on this subject, they are exclusively Conservative MPs.

  The 1 per cent who expressed that they hold no view on this subject are split 50 per cent Labour, 50 per cent Conservative.

  Total of those who responded, by Party:

    —  Lab 49%

    —  Con 29%

    —  Lib Dem 15%

    —  Others 8%

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Prepared 27 March 2001