Select Committee on Education and Employment Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex I

  These are some of the newspaper references to OFSTED and teacher stress over the last year. Bold type represents headlines.

  (a)  Traumatised teachers hit back: Our report on the teacher who killed herself after an aggressive OFSTED inspection has prompted a flood of similar accounts. At least four teachers have died as a result of stress from school inspections in the past two years . . . John Bangs, head of education for the NUT, said: "There is not longer any doubt that OFSTED screws people up". The Observer, 23 April 2000.

  (b)  The day of reckoning: nothing strikes fear into a teachers' heart like the news that the inspectors are coming. The Guardian, 3 July 2000.

  (c)  Fear "forcing teachers to quit" . . . Caroline Wigmore, the new chairwoman of the Professional Association of Teachers . . . said that teaching staff lived in fear of being judged incompetent, which led them to put pressure on their pupils. She added that this resulted in teaching "by the rules" rather that teachers using their professional judgement. The Guardian, 2 August 2000.

  (d)  Fresh start after fear . . . Teachers, like most people, need to be led, not driven. But Woodhead, by his own admission, chose fear as the chief means of raising teachers expectations. The Times Educational Supplement, editorial, 10 November 2000.

  (e)  Hope for a new humane reign What Chris Woodhead doesn't acknowledge is that he presided over a system that was often inhuman and destructive. The angst suffered by teachers, good, bad, and indifferent, was huge and has been in part responsible for the present extreme teacher shortages. Letter in The Times Educational Supplement, 10 November 2000.

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