Select Committee on Education and Employment Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence




NO. 1

  A parent returner was recruited in January 2000. At interview her training needs were diagnosed and she was advised on which benefits she could claim and the salary she would be likely to receive. Information was given on childcare, housing, council tax and family credit. She was given, free of charge, vocational training in basic catering skills, induction training, world of work skills, and a food hygiene course. She has gained confidence and self-assurance and is still employed with the recruitment firm.

NO. 2  

  A work placement trainee was recruited in March 2000. Again at interview his specific needs were identified. He received induction and work skills training and food hygiene training. It was found that he would benefit from close mentoring, therefore his recruitment liaison officer devised a programme of weekly meetings to discuss his progress and identify any problems that might need resolving. The placement is still continuing. However, he has already been offered a permanent job with one of the agency's corporate clients.

NO. 3  

  A New Deal (18-24) candidate was recruited in April 1999. At interview the candidate expressed a wish to train as a chef. He had no prior chef experience or qualifications. He started working as a catering assistant and commenced an NVQ programme in Catering and Hospitality with the agency. He was promoted to an assistant chef during his programme and then to a chef de partie after the successful completion of his NVQ. He is currently employed as a chef.

NO. 4

  A New Deal (25+) candidate was referred to the agency in May 1999. She had found it difficult at the age of 42 to find employment and had subsequently been unemployed for the last four years. Due to her length of unemployment she suffered a lack of confidence and motivation and was generally demoralised. At interview her training needs were established and she attended a free of charge vocational training course in basic catering skills, induction training, world of work skills and a food hygiene course. She felt she had benefited from the interaction on her training course and was more self assured and confident as a result. She started working with the agency as a catering assistant and soon progressed to a deli bar assistant. She has since been promoted to a plate waitress.

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Prepared 7 February 2001