Select Committee on Education and Employment Tenth Special Report


Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from the Director of Finance, Department for Education and Employment (DF 33)


Thank you for your letter of 17 January to Philip Parker asking for a written brief on the relationship between different initiatives to achieve the effective use of public resources.

We have put together for you:

 -  a paper reviewing the main documents used by DfEE and OFSTED to plan and report on their finances; the frequency of production of each document reflects current policy, but might of course change in the future;

 -  copies of these documents will follow; and

 -  two papers by HM Treasury on the public spending framework that address the issues you raise:

    i)  Public Spending: Lessons from Previous Policy Experience; and[20]
    ii)  Spending Review 2000: New Public Spending Plans 2001-2004.[21]

Ruth Thompson
12 March 2001

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21   Available at­ Back

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Prepared 21 June 2001