Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


  The greening of accountancy: the profession after Pearce (Research Report 17—1990).

  Accounting for the Environment (—with Paul Chapman Publishing 1993).

  Where silence is not golden: towards the strategic use of corporate environmental reporting for company valuation (Occasional research paper 16—1994).

  An introduction to environmental accounting and a business tool: key concepts and themes (1995).

  Social and environmental accounting education in British universities (Research Report 39—1995).

  Environmental, employee and ethical reporting in Europe (Research Report 41—1995).

  An exploration of the business conceptions of sustainability and its implications for accounting (Research Report 48—1996).

  Environment under the spotlight: current practice and future trends in environment-related performance measurement for business (Research Report 55—1998).

  Accounting for the abandonment of North Sea oil and gas wells (Research Report 58—1998).

  Making values count: contemporary experience in social accounting, auditing and reporting (1999).

  Accounting for bio-diversity: a natural inventory of the Elan Valley Nature Reserve (Occasional Research paper 29—2000).


  Ecological Footprinting—a corporate perspective.

  Full-cost accounting—a review and discussion of the policy implications at the European level.

  Social capital—an exploration of the concept from a corporate perspective.

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Prepared 9 January 2001