Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1

Background to Aspinwall Enviros Involvement with the Greening of Government Initiative

  Aspinwall has a long history, dating back to the early 70s, of providing technical and strategic advice to Government Departments on a wide range of environmental issues and subjects. Aspinwall's first involvement with the "greening of operations" dates back to late 1992, when it was commissioned by the then Department of Transport to assist develop a green housekeeping policy and strategy as required by "This Common Inheritance".

  Subsequently Aspinwall was appointed in 1993 to a call-off contract to provide continuing "greening" advice to the DOT and to be available to provide similar advice to other Departments and Associate Bodies.

  On the formation of the DETR, Aspinwall's call off contract was transferred to the new department. A new call-off contact was let by DETR's Working Environment Division in 1999 and Aspinwall was one of the successful companies tendering for the service, and has been contracted for up to a further five years.

  Although the work carried out covers a wide range of environmental and management issues, of particular note is the work that has been carried out in Policy and Strategy Development, and Performance Auditing and Reporting. Aspinwall has validated DETR's annual "Greening Operations Report" for the last two years. Prior to this Aspinwall also carried out report validation work for both DETR and previously DOT for internal performance reports dealing with operational issues and impacts.

  During this time, and under these contracts, Aspinwall has completed studies for Departments and Associate Bodies including:

  DETR*, Cabinet Office, Home Office*, Dti*, The Highways Agency, The Maritime and Coastguard Agency, The Environment Agency. (*Indicates current work).

  Under separate contracts Aspinwall has also provided similar and related services to MOD, Welsh Development Agency, Scottish Executive, Scottish Enterprise.

  Outside government Aspinwall has an extensive client list for similar work. In particular is the work that Aspinwall carries out in the areas of environmental report development and validation or verification. Aspinwall reporting clients are regularly represented in the ACCA reporting awards and similar award schemes.

May 2000

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