Select Committee on Environmental Audit Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from the Head of Sustainable Development Policy, Department of Trade and Industry to the Committee

You ask about ACBE work in this area. I understand that Paula Higgins, from the Sustainable Development Unit in DETR sent you a copy of the letter which Chris Fay sent to the Company Law Review setting out some ACBE comments.

  You also ask about the work of the Working Group in Internalising Sustainable Development in Companies chaired by Gerry Acher. I enclose a copy of the "Exposure Draft" of a briefing paper[249] prepared by the group. The objective of the paper is both to provide a practical and accessible tool to promote awareness at the highest level in companies of sustainable development as a mainstream business issue, and action on the need for integration throughout the business.

  The draft was sent for comment to a wide range of senior business leaders at the beginning of the summer. It attracted a high level of very thoughtful and constructive feedback that the group is seeking to reflect in a final version that ACBE aims to circulate in a few weeks time to Chairmen and Chief Executives, and other key opinion-formers in the business community.

  The Working Group is now considering how best to take its work forward, taking into account views from those who commented on the "Exposure Draft". This will be in addition to its decision to establish a group to look at what guidance of other practical steps it might develop to assist in the integration in corporate management systems of the requirements of the Pension Fund Act 1995.

  I am sorry about the delay in replying to your letter, but I hope this is helpful.

  I am copying this letter to Terence Ilott in DETR and to Trevor Raggatt in the Company Law Review team.

October 2000

249   Not reproduced here. Contact ACBE Secretariat, DETR, Zone 6D9, Ashdown House, 123 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6DE for details. Back

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Prepared 9 January 2001