Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 197 - 199)




  197. Welcome. You had the advantage of listening in on the previous session. Our questions to you may be rather different but thank you for coming today. We appreciate it very much indeed. Is there any additional statement you would like to make before we begin questioning?

  (Mr Joseph) I had better introduce the work we do on transport taxation. Transport 2000 convenes a transport taxation group, convened by Alastair Hanton. That brings together a number of researchers, environmental groups and transport operators in considering transport taxation issues. We have today published, with the Worldwide Fund for Nature, a research report on transport taxation and issues in relation to climate change. Stephen Potter from the Open University is one of the authors of that. The other author, Malcolm Fergusson, from the Institute for European Environmental Policy, I think you are going to see next week. That report is in the public domain and we will get a copy sent to the Committee as soon as we can.

  198. Most of us have been familiar with Transport 2000 for quite a long time. It is quite an interesting period for you because we are beyond 2000 now. How are you financed? How did Transport 2000 come to be set up?
  (Mr Joseph) Transport 2000 is an environmental campaign and research organisation. It receives money from trade unions, transport operators, train companies. It has individual supporters and a number of grant making trusts such as various of the Sainsbury family charitable trusts and so on. We also get project funding for various pieces of work from government bodies and transport operators too. We have a very broad range of finance.

  199. Your objectives are what?
  (Mr Joseph) Our objective, in a phrase, is for more environmentally sustainable transport policies. We conduct a lot of research work and try to make sure that the campaigning we do is based on solid research.

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Prepared 5 March 2001