Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  British Airways manages business continuity as part of our emergency planning function. The main elements of BA's programme are as follows:

    —  A Standing instruction setting out the corporate policy and requirements;

    —  A cross-company steering group which sets policy and reviews progress;

    —  An Operations Control Incident Centre (OCIC), which allows fast and coordinated operational decision making in the event of an incident;

    —  An Emergency Planning Information Centre (EPIC), which allows for communication to staff, passengers, business partners and external agencies. It is operated by trained volunteer staff (currently numbering 800);

    —  An Incident Support Team, drawn from a pool of 400 trained staff volunteers who travel to the site of an incident and provide practical assistance;

    —  An off-site corporate business recovery centre which can be used to run essential business activities if access to normal buildings is denied;

    —  A small central team who contain central files of departmental business continuity plans and provide training and advice; and

    —  Departmental business continuity teams (for example the information management department is responsible for systems continuity).

  The cost of providing these facilities is relatively small, because the rooms are used for meetings and training purposes when not in use. Some of the facilities are also contracted to 83 other airlines, which helps to defray the costs.

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