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36352returnedDRPs AS failing on numerous boxes and LGSM then kills them openTHDUR$/SYSHEAL$/TH1710*/CCP01/TSWANx/TH
36996openESSR: WSI died when migrating SIS window openSYSHEAL$/ESSR*/TSWANx/TH
38438openBGS not informing SFS to Update-AFT after a FAIL-PROC event openSYSHEAL$/TH176*/TH179*/IOV1/MSWANx/TH
38798openKEXT failure of WFD after a full download openESSR$/SYSHEAL$/SWANx/TH
38883openSingle w/s failure kills group openSYSHEAL$/TH176*/THDUR$/IOV6/MSWANx/TH
38964workingCGWSVs system dump openESSR*/SYSHEAL$/SWANx/TH
39239openEFS at elector shows incorrect data/state openESSX$/SWANx/TH
38846openNo automatic full status on re-establishment of SRC to CCM openTHA/TH1710*/TSWANx/TH
39332openNumerous TDS "Unrec Msg" alarms reported while in BASELINE mode openESSR$/SWANx/TH
38207returnedADE-PMS 27 (10,3,2) 2nd copy of atomic message dropped openSYSHEAL$/SWANx/TH
38399workingESSS: RLI cannot create filesystem for DDC openESSR$/TSWANx/TH
39298returnedUnable to sign on to workstation openESSR*/SWANx/TH
34918workingY2KSHR : ISO Abort and ISO Session Cannot Be openSYSHEAL$/THC/MSWANx/TH/IOV1
38996workingReceiver congestion due to single service ring CAU failure openESSX/SYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH
39142workingReceiver Congestion and Server failures after single CAU openESSR$/SYSHEAL/TH5x/SWANx/TH
39234workingUnexpected EDDUS Link Failures openTH176*/SYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH/IOV6
39250workingFlow control—tr1 not queried openESSR*/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH/TH5$
39327openArticlog logging stops soon after starting openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39342workingSustained rtfalls openESSX/SWANx/TH
39470workingNET RIH has curtailed radar sweep data for exercise 1 openOCT05/SYSHEAL/ESSRx/SWANx/TH
38960workingWSI deaths at startup due to "No CPU" heartbeat failure openESSX/SWANx/TH
39436workingWDMA deprived of run-time and killed by LGSM openSWANx/TH/ESSRx/SYSHEAL
38833workingRelease id mismatch error when relid same in P and N openSYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH
39198workingCould not AUTO accept BGS into role after failure recovery openESSR*/SYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39199returnedPAS/SAS switch didn't occur after killing PAS BGS server openMSWANx/TH/IOV1
39249workingInconsistent Proc status in alerts from procs on wrong openESS*/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH
39420workingNon-conforming procs not appearing in RRLM report openESSR*/SWANx/TH
33903workingUnable to connect EDDUS/SFS following processor failure openTH4F$/THA/MSWANx
34408workingMode-C conversion failures openMAN/SYSHEAL$/ESSR*/THA/TSWANx/TH
39160openESSR:msrs replay phantom AVS file open error openESSRx/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH
39503openESSR: Unable to Copy RAD data to 8mm from ID1 openESSRx/SWANx/TH
39164returnedNAS MMR Abort openSYSHEAL/ESSX$/SWANx/TH
39290workingCFP Derives Wrong Civil Sectors openTH176$/MSWANx/TH/OCT12
39402workingAirway joiner posting error openSWANx/TH/OCT12
39430workingNAS Crashes When Flight Plan Entered openSWANx/TH/ESSXx/SYSHEAL
39461working36104 redux: Incorrect number of posting sectors openMSWANx/TH/SYSHEAL/IOV6
39484workingNERC reference to NAS PTR 0879 openSWANx/TH/SYSHEAL/IOV6
39343openESSR:PAS SAR unable to connect to msrs after both Idu fail openESSR$/SWANx/TH
39489returnedIcmm tasks died and no pas/sas switch openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39490returnedDrp task died and no pas/sas switch openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39527openUnable to replay N03 OPS data in N03 TDU   SWANx/TH
39350openLTS does not work for E031010D openESSR$/SWANx/TH
28918returnedARM: Fix root cause of ABM ADE 38 (5,5,2) openSYSHEAL$/MSWANx
35931workingX25 uses up mbufs and causes P51 to dump openSYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH
36618openT626: 0c9 dump upon acceptance openSYSHEAL$/SSATx/SWANx
37668returnedbridge dumps with 141 code openSYSHEAL$/TSWANx/TH
38337workingNo Route In Flight Strip at Combined Sector Suite openTH171B$/MSWANx/OCT12
38949openRoute Amendments are Rejected openESSR$/SWANx/TH
39172returnedSAR servers dump on increased work load openESSX/SWANx/TH
39282openCCM Reports Download Failure openESSR*/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH
39328openSFS Partial Recovery Logic results in AM rejects openSWANx/TH
39336returnedRcvr congestion on sar procs openESSR*/SYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39338openIncorrect LGSM, BS and MIFT entities when processor is in SPARE openESSX/SWANx/TH
39387returned(FD14 FD76)—MMI Inconsistent Appearance and Operability cancelTH176$/ESSX*/MSWANx/TH
39481workingRefuelling Areas Grey Out on Selecting AARA-ALL openOSSP/OCT08/SWANx/TH
38773openNASSERV dumps on load of second ex openESSRx/SYSHEAL$/SWANx/OCT05
38850openAcp lost connection during exercise pause openSYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH/OCT05
39391openNas startup failed error (32c) causes nasserv to dump openESSR*/SYSHEAL/TSWANx/TH/OCT05
39180returnedSFS Sends Unpair request with wrong SSR Code openMSWANx/TH/TH176*
39287openNo Cancel Alloc Message onTake Control of Bandbox openTH176$/MSWANx/TH/IOV1
39289openIncorrect increment of Route Version Number openSWANx/TH/OCT12
39348workingSFS PAS-SAS Database-Compare-Fail— Eddus-Flight-Data field openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39349openSFS PAS-SAS Database-Compare-Fail—Pseudo-Ufde-Data field openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39475openAbrogate is not displayed on flight strip at offering sector openSWANx/TH/OCT09/IOV6
38818openRogue files found in /u/ii/files/db-update-files-* openESSR*/SWANx/TH
39002openAdditional event logging for ISIF heartbeat openSWT/ESSR*/SWANx
36124workingSPRINT "src" not available in R1.35.0 openTHB/TSWANx/ESSRx
36873reeturnedRDP 110 deg headingjump for no apparent reason openTHB/TSWANx/TH
39410workingPTR For Removal of SMF Adaptation Type openSWANx/TH
39075openSimultaneous A&B SDC failure openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
38170returnedEFS data mismatch for controller, watcher, and elector openTH176*/ESSR*/SWT/SWANx/TH/OCT09/IOV6
38659returnedWDMA SDG task 11 non heartbeat failure openESSR*/SYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH
38681returnedWdma failure on p331 openSYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH
38724openWDMA/WDMS die when trying to remove strip which doesn't exist openESSR*/SYSHEAL$/SWANx/TH/OCT05
38974openWDMS failure of task 15 openESSR*/SYSHEAL$/MSWANx/TH
39134returnedCannot co-ordinate vertically down openTSWANx/TH/IOV6
39286returnedStrip printer receive error openSWANx/TH/IOV6
39444returnedDa fails on force offer openIOV6/IOV1/SYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH/IOV6
39477openWDMA dies in TDU with scrambled regs openSYSHEAL/SWANx/TH/IOV6
39514returnedWDM froze—Unable to move or re-size windows   SWANx/TH
39526openMessage Failed from Derive Sectors openSWANx/TH/OCT12
35109openY2KSHR : New AER-WFD 8 (58,10000,1) needs explaining openTSWANx/TH
37549returnedcorrupt coord seq ref openSYSHEAL$/SWT/MSWANx/TH
38644returnedWDMA fails when sent incorrect sr7917 from WFD openESSR$/SYSHEAL$/SWANx/TH
38680openADE-WFD 15 (15,5,2) strip-in-list-error openSWT/SYSHEAL$/SWANx/TH
38697returnedFlight info mismatch keeps flight from being accepted openSWANx/ESSX*/TH
39049returnedFlight Data Editor stays greyed-out after WFD PAS/SAS openESSRx/SWANx/TH
39122returnedZZZZ SSR code kills all WFDs openSYSHEAL/MSWANx/TH
39263openWFD Sector suite failure whilst splitting sectors openTH171B*/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH/OCT05/IOV1
39312openESSS: Kill -9 of PAS WFD caused the SAS WFD AS's to die also! openESSRx/SWANx/TH
39320returnedWfd-wdm resync on msg 6298 Amendment-Strip-Printing-Trigger openTH176xSYSHEAL/SWANx/TH/IOV6
39385returnedWFD failure while NAS link down openESSR$/SWANx/TH
39459returnedNFL Incorrectly set Blank openSWANx/TH/ESSR$/IOV6/OCT12
39486openWFD sends DV request twice, flight not updated from first openSWANx/TH/OCT12
39493returnedManual Coordination Kills WFD openOCT05/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH
39496returnedWFD Dies Attempting To Recover Failed Sector openOCT05/SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH
39505openConcorde's Have Blank NFL at First NERC Sector openOCT12/SWANx/TH
39516open38158 redux: Coveter gets UFDE before flight   SYSHEAL/SWANx/TH

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