Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 660 - 665)



  660. You are seeking to reduce the impact of transport on the environment.
  (Mr Storey) Yes: the National Contingency Plan and the work we have been doing with the port authorities on cleaning up oil spills, on these garbage disposal plans. We are doing our bit as far as the environment is concerned. Internationally at IMO we are constantly pursuing the reduction of noxious gases from ships' engines.

  661. Really? What effect does that have?
  (Mr Storey) The standards are changing slowly with the engine manufacturers and the "nox and sox" as they are called, which are some of the bad gases, are actually slowly being reduced and there are regulations within MARPOL to have a better standard of engine, so they emit fewer bad gases.

  662. Are you having an input into that and suggesting a set of standards?
  (Mr Storey) We have been working with the IMO as part of its team on looking at setting standards for continuous improvement.

  663. What steps do the Department take to monitor what you do?
  (Mr Storey) I have an advisory board which is chaired by the Director General of the Railways, Airways and Maritime Transport Division.

  664. How often does that meet?
  (Mr Storey) We meet four times and year. I have to do a quarterly report and we have a meeting next week. We have our own shipping policy division and we are in very regular contact.

  665. What is "regular contact"?
  (Mr Storey) I would say weekly, sometimes daily. We have the Corporate Business and Agencies Division within the DETR who monitor our expenditure, our programme, our development and our delivery of our key targets.

  Chairman: Good. I am glad to see that someone has given you their attention. I think we shall continue to do so as well. Thank you for coming.

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Prepared 14 May 2001