Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence




1.MAINTENANCE: to give priority to the maintenance of trunk roads and bridges with the broad objective of minimising whole life costs.
To end the year with between x per cent and y per cent of the network requiring maintenance within the next year.
Target 7.0% to 8.0%
To ensure that the percentage of the trunk road network having a zero residual life at the end of the financial year 1999-2000 is less than the figure published in the 1998 report of the National Road Maintenance Condition Survey.
Discontinued—replaced by target above but see

Footnote 1 below.
To complete x lane kilometres of surface renewal, including reconstruction, overlays, resurfacing, inlays and surface dressing
Target Discontinued—replaced by

outcome target

1,750 2,570
2,100 2,389
1,400 1,978
To complete 100 bridge maintenance schemes each costing over £200k
Target: Discontinued—structures maintenance now

monitored at

working level
100 135
To comply with the EU directive which requires that the whole of the trunk road network is available for use by 40 tonne vehicles on 1 January 1999
Discontinued replaced by target above
Discontinued replaced by

target above
100% Not achieved -99.9% see note 1.
2.CONGESTION: to take action to reduce congestion and increase the reliability of journey times.
To achieve a saving of x estimated vehicle hours from the network communications and economy local network management schemes (LNMSs) completed in the year.
Target 250,000
To complete x road schemes costing between £100k and £3 million aimed at improving road safety, contributing to an efficient economy and improving conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians (together with reducing community severance). These schemes are also aimed at reducing the adverse impacts of motorways and trunk roads on the environment and facilitating integration with other forms of transport, promoting choice and information for travellers.
Target: Discontinued—replaced by

outcome targets

above and below.
Target 100 Outturn 104
To complete x networkcontrol projects
Target Discontinued—replaced by

outcome target above
25 25
To complete 20 local network management schemes (each costing less than £3 milion) aimed at improving journey time reliability and/or reducing the impact of roads on the environment.
Target Discontinued—replaced by

outcome target

20 102
3.SAFETY: to improve safety for all road users and contribute to the Government's new safety strategy and targets for 2010.
To improve safety for all road users and contribute to the Government's new safety strategy and targets for 2010, set out in "Making the Network Safer: the Highways Agency's Strategic Plan for Safety" published on 1 March 2000:
—Reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on trunk roads in the current year to x (compared with the 1994-98 average of 5,589)
Target 5,056
—Reduce the slight casualty rate in the current year to y slight casualties per million vehicle km (compared with the 1994-98 average of 21.76)
Target: 21.13
In each case to allow for expected year to year fluctuations in casualty levels, the Agency will be deemed to have met the target if the result is no more than 5 per cent above the milestone target figure.
To contribute to Government's target of reducing road casualties by one third (compared to average for 1981-85) by ensuring accident rates on the motorway and all purpose trunk road network do not exceed x accidents involving personal injury for every 100 million vehicle kilometres travelled.
Target Discontinued—replaced by target above
Target 20 see footnote 2
21 18.6
21 19.2
Complete x safety schemes

(Note: definition of safety schemes changed from year to year, so performance not directly comparable)

Target: Discontinued—replaced by

outcome target

discontinued-included in

combined Target above, (listed

under "Congestion")
200 377
180 264
4.ENVIRONMENT: to minimise the impact of the trunk road network on both the natural and built environment.
Achieve an average annual target of x per cent across the four environment programme sub-indicators. (Noise, Air Quality. Biodiversity, Landscape)
Target 85 per cent
5.TARGETED PROGRAMME OF IMPROVEMENTS (TPI): to carry out the Government's targeted programme of investment in trunk road improvements.
To achieve by the end of the year no less than x per cent of the 24 TPI scheme milestones listed in the Business Plan. (Annex 4)
Target 90 per cent
85 87
80 91
80 94
6.EMPTY HOMES: To put property to economic use.
—Percentage of vacant residential properties at the end of year does not exceed x per cent of residential portfolio; and the
Target — 15%
18% 17%
—Percentage of vacant habitable properties empty for more than 6 months does not exceed y per cent.
— 3%
3% 2.6%
Financial Performance

The Agency will manage its programme and running costs within the agreed financial allocation

Discontinued: now

monitored at

working level
95-100% 99.7% 95-100% 99.6%
92.5-100% 99.6% 90-100% 99.5%
Achieve x of the efficiency/effectiveness performance measure targets set for the main areas of our programme
Target Discontinued—Efficiency and effectiveness now monitored at working level
8 out of 9
80% 60%


1.  The Ministerial Key Target has changed for 2000-01, but there is still a Public Service Agreement target to "end the decline in condition of our motorways and trunk roads by 31 March 2002", achievement of which will be measured by "ensuring that the percentage of the network with zero residual life will be at least equal to or below the March 2000 figure, if that proves to be the optimum figure following Highways Agency research".

2.  Information on the outcome for 1999-2000 will not be available until late Autumn 2000 when the data collection and analysis by DETR(C) is completed.

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