Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  1.  The second generation of theory test was launched on 4 January 2000. Prometric, (then known as Sylvan Prometric), was awarded the contract to deliver the second-generation theory test using touchscreen technology, in December 1998. Between then and the delivery date of 4 January 2000, development work on the project took place concurrent to the outgoing contractor DriveSafe being managed out to ensure that there was a seamless and structured transition to the new system. The project was brought successfully into live running on time, to specification, and in budget. It was considered to be a success.

  2.  There service continues to be delivered to an acceptable standard, and apart from two issues that arose in summer 2000, there have been relatively few problems.

  3.  The first of these issues related to the incorrect marking of one question which resulted in a number of candidates being given a fail result instead of a pass. The second concerned a number of candidates being allowed to take a theory test when they had not reached the minimum age for the test. Both of these issues were picked up by DSA's regular audit checks of procedures, and were dealt with immediately. All the affected candidates were contacted personally, and each case resolved on an individual basis.

  4.  As a result of these two events, we have strengthened our checks and procedures in the necessary areas of the business, and increased our monitoring of the Theory Test operation

  5.  The earlier challenges have now been overcome, and the operation is running in a stable state, with the service standards being generally met.

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Prepared 14 May 2001